Stephen has long been interested in motioin graphics, cinematic storytelling, and animation. He began 15 years ago by making a 16mm film and now creates videos using After Effects and Blender (3D). He's taught film production, storytelling, motion graphics and animation. 

Stephen Blue created these short animated covers for TIME For Kids digital Family Edition.

Stephen Blue created these short animated IDs either for video backdrops for live interviews or video intros.

Stephen Blue created this informitive animation (with writer Jaime Joyce) as a premium for TFK subscribers.

Stephen Blue created this instructional video to show teachers how to use TIME For Kids Digital.

Stephen Blue has been teaching animation for 20 years. This is a sample of the various aspects of animation that he uses in demonstrations and at his job as Lead Animator for TIME magazine's TIME For Kids.

Stephen teaches using traditional tools as well as After Effects and Flash. His work at time involved using both After Effects and his new favorite software, Blender (3D)!